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New, Move-In Ready, Brick, GOLD-FORTIFIED Homes On The Eastern Shore of Baldwin County!!!

If the beach and water front property aren’t quite your scene, then we would like to present some of these beautiful areas on the Eastern Shore of Baldwin County (Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort). These homes are built to GOLD-FORTIFIED standards and are standing the test of time! Just a month removed from Hurricane Sally, and you can drive through these subdivisions and see the lack of blue-tarpped roofs…and that is due in large part to the standard that these homes are built.

Maybe you’ve been displaced by one of the hurricanes that have come through our region the past few months are are trying to figure out “what’s next”. If so then the opportunity to find some sense of normalcy is right around the corner, and getting into a brand new home that has already withstood these storms is a great place to start. We work with several amazing mortgage companies in the area and the reality of getting approved for a home loan is unbelievably easier than you are probably thinking! This is the perfect time to find a refuge from all that 2020 has thrown at us! Our team is poised to get the process started for you!

You might be spending thousands of dollars a year in rent on an apartment or home when you could be investing that money in a home that will be yours and yours alone! If that is the case, then let us help you get into one of these new, brick, GOLD-FORTIFIED homes, NOW!

Many of these homes are minutes away from shopping, parks, top-rated schools, country settings, some of Baldwin County’s finest restaurants, and some fabulous fishing on Mobile Bay and Fish River! Not to mention just a 30-45 minute ride to the south’s most beautiful beaches! An added bonus is close proximity to I-10, Mobile, Mississippi’s casinos, and New Orleans!

Take a look on our site here to find all that these areas have to offer! Use our search page to locate some properties that interest you and then give us a call so we can set up a time for you to take a look at what you’ve found! Or if you don’t know where to start then allow one of our highly trained agents walk you through all of your options!

Just click this link to begin your search!

Again, let us help you with finding the right lender so that you can settle into one of these beautiful homes ASAP! It truly is so much easier than you think, as well as having historically low interest rates you don’t want to miss out on these incredible prices! Don’t rent any longer! Find safety and assurance in knowing that your investment each month is providing you a home that will carry you through in the years to come! From solid brick homes, to GOLD-FORTIFIED roofs, to the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investments are safe, these are the homes you want to be in!

InLand Bay Realty,

P: 251-943-6612

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